Reporting Wizards Services

We can provide business intelligence and reporting services to ensure everyone in your organization has point-and-click graphical access to the data they need. Reporting Wizards specialize in data/reporting solutions and business process reengineering for credit unions/small banks.

Collections, Recovery and Lending Custom Reporting.

Reporting Wizards will work with your institution on any custom Collection, Recovery or Lending Reporting. We have extensive experience with the Temenos (Akcelerant) Lifecycle Management solutions and can give your organization the information you need. We also specialize is reporting automation out of the Lifecycle Management Suite that includes financial, operational and compliance reporting.

Identification, Consultation, and Mentoring.

Reporting Wizards will work with your institution to help you understand business intelligence and the way that it can enhance your corporate profitability. We’ll help identify and configure your business intelligence solutions, and then, if you wish, provide training and mentoring so that you can manage and expand those solutions with your own resources as your company grows.

Data Modeling

Reporting Wizards helps you define and optimize your data warehouse design to allow you to make the most of your business intelligence solutions.

Data Warehousing.

Data warehouses and data marts provide a snapshot of your institution’s summarized data outside of your production systems, and can be used for business intelligence without interfering with your operational systems. Reporting Wizards designs and shows you how to use data marts, data stores, and data warehouses to manage the historical data that helps you analyze and better understand your business.

Easy-to-use Reporting Tools.

Reporting Wizards provides you with graphical point-and-click reporting tools that help your IT department and end-users quickly and easily create customized reports – without having to make a costly investment in additional programming staff.

On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP).

Reporting Wizards introduces you to the specialized tools that help your institution “drill down” and analyze your data, identifying the trends and patterns that help your business grow, while uncovering those that can lead to problems.

Dashboards and Scorecards

Reporting Wizards creates simple tools that allow your end-users to locate and run reports quickly, via a dashboard-like graphic interface. Scorecards provided a means to monitor performance metrics and accountability with strategic goals. These tools greatly simplify BI, providing an intuitive interface to every level of user, from programmer to CEO.

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL).

Reporting Wizards uses sophisticated ETL tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services to pull data from across your enterprise and consolidate it in data marts and data warehouses. In a world where data is spread across numerous databases, flat files, and mainframes, ETL creates an extremely cost-effective way to integrate it in to one target system.


Reporting Wizards has extensive experience in creating data for Profitability solutions. Let us help you organization create the activity data your company needs to calculate Profitability.